Moto Doffo: Wine Makers And Motorcycle Racers

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By Sean Matic

The Doffo Winery and MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection is run and owned by the Doffo family: patriarch Marcelo Doffo, son Damian, and daughters Bridgette and Samantha. The seeds for Doffo Winery were planted in the 1990s inspired by Marcelo’s youth spent growing up on a farm in Pampas, Argentina and a trip in 1994 to Turin, Italy. It matured with the acquisition of an old cattle ranch in Temecula, California.

Marcelo takes his motorcycle restoration and racing as seriously as his wine making.

The family that races together stays together. Father Marcelo, daughter Bridgette, and son Damian preparing to race the CB160 and GP200 classes at AHRMA.

Nestled in the hills at the north end of Temecula’s vineyard row, Doffo is a boutique winery with limited production runs and select varietals. In contrast to the quaint size of the vineyard, the public space taproom is quite large and airy, and the visitor is instantly struck by the sheer number of immaculately restored motorcycles and race bikes on display, not to mention a variety of dune buggies, trophy trucks, and race bikes from the Baja 500 parked outside the taproom. Unlike a typical vineyard tasting room, the taproom is a bustling social hub with a large number of wine club members as well general public enjoying live music, race screening on the big screen, craft beer, brick oven pizza, and traditional Argentinian empanadas. The minute you walk in you’re struck with a sense of community. The vibe is warm, welcoming, accessible, and feels like family – which is just what Doffo is – a family-owned and operated vineyard that extends the family welcome to its guests and motorcycle riding, restoring, and racing brothers and sisters.

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