Testing a MotoE Racer: The Energica Ego Corsa

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By Troy Siahaan

As we come to the end of 2019 and the conclusion of the first MotoE season, I think it’s fair to say the debut of Energica‘s Ego Corsa MotoE electric racer was a success. Each race produced close battles (usually for the lead), the bikes go plenty quick, and though the sound of internal combustion is missing, it’s replaced with a soundtrack all its own. I like to think of it as the racing soundtrack of the future.

Much of the credit for this goes to the hard-working (and minimal, numbering fewer than 70 full-time employees) crew at Energica, whose determination wouldn’t let them fail, especially in the face of a massive charging station fire that burned down all 18 motorcycles during preseason testing. But Energica was able to build 18 more bikes, plus a few spares, with only a minimal change to the original schedule. I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive.

With the season over and (most of) the 18 Ego Corsas still intact, I was one of the few journalists from around the world lucky enough to get an invite from Energica to try the Ego Corsa for myself at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, the day after the MotoGP (and MotoE) season finale. It was an opportunity not to be missed, especially as I’ve been developing and racing another electric motorcycle, the Lightfighter LFR19, all season – a motorcycle that, arguably, could give the Ego Corsa a run for its money. Being able to ride the two would give me a unique perspective nobody in the world can copy, and an opportunity like this certainly wasn’t lost on me. To get yourself up to speed on the Lightfighter, read parts one and two of our adventure here …read more

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