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By John Burns

It’s exactly like one of the guys in the Alcan 5000 video (embedded below) says about Ernie Vigil (Vee`heel): “His happy place riding a motorcycle, I would consider a crash.”

Beginning a decade or more ago, Vigil’s sheer motorcycle control in a bunch of Icon-sponsored videos began creating big waves. Ever since then (and before, too, since his first film credit is for Jim Carrey’s stunts in 2008’s Yes Man), the kid from Albuquerque has been bringing his uncanny skills to even more videos, movie sets (John Wick 3: Parabellum most recently), and serious endurance races – including finishing fifth overall this year in the Mexican 1000 on a Triumph Scrambler 1200XE. In fact, Ernie has a history with Triumph triples, one of his favorite motorcycles to abuse. And so it was only fitting that Triumph brought him to last week’s unveiling of the new Tiger 900 in St. Louis. While he was briefly stationary, I cornered Edub to resolve a few questions that keep me up at night.

John Burns: Ernie, you said earlier, you’re a big horsepower guy. Now, everything else being equal and you’re going through nasty terrain, would you want to be on a Triumph Tiger 1200 or 900? More power or less weight?

Ernie Vigil: I think for me, when I’m on crazy tricky technical terrain, I want something smaller, a little more nimble. But if I’m out on the open road or travelling cross-country, I want bigger, more power.

JB: When you’re talking tight gnarly terrain, how often do you go there on a big adventure bike? Do you ever do that? I guess you have to, it’s your job. Do you ever get to places and think, what the hell am I doing here?

EV: Oh, endlessly! Endless amounts of times. We’ve been in Moab, there’s this one …read more

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