MOTO eMAG Holds First Fundraiser

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By Wade Thiel

Help Support Insightful and Independent Reporting

I’m a big fan of anyone who tries to do something different in the motorcycle industry, especially when it comes to media and reporting. MOTO eMAG has been focusing on insightful reporting and editorials for about four years now. The publication has had over 84 issues come out during that time. The issues are packed with interesting stories you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

It’s not free, however, to provide that kind of publication to the world, and now MOTO eMAG is seeking some help from readers and enthusiasts this holiday season by running its first-ever fundraiser on Fundly. At the time of this writing, 49 days remain to donate to this good cause.

Just as Web Bike World has its important line of coverage, MOTO eMAG also is an important voice in the motorcycle industry. The sent-by-email electronic magazine doesn’t rely on traditional digital advertising to support its reporting. This allows for the publication’s pages to be free of many of the advertisements you see online. It’s an intimate and interesting experience reading the publication, and one I would like to see continue.

At this year’s AIMExpo, the Motorcycle Industry Council discussed the need for all those in the motorcycle industry to support one another as the industry progresses and changes. In the spirit of that, I’d like to encourage you to consider supporting the publication. You can donate by clicking here.

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