2019 Cake Kalk OR Review – First Ride

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By Ryan Adams

The Cake Kalk OR is the first in the line of a quartet of stylish Swedish electric… motorcycles? Yeah, they’re motorcycles. No pedals over here. But after a quick couple of days getting acquainted with the Kalk OR – the company’s off-road model – in Moab, UT, I came away surprised not only by how much fun was had, but also with the riding experience itself. The Cake Kalk OR is a veritable amalgam of two-wheeled fun. It’s a bit mountain bike and a bit off-road moto and a total blast to ride.

Before getting straight into the Kalk OR, let’s take a look at who Cake is and where they come from.

The Company

Maybe you’ve heard of Cake or perhaps you’ve seen the unmistakably Swedish-designed white e-motos. The bikes exude the clean minimalist design we’ve come to think of when considering the Scandinavian country’s exports. Contemporary Swedish design also tends to have an element of responsibility to it. Responsibility to sustainability. It’s obvious that the electric power train of the Cake vehicles lends to this, but it doesn’t stop there. The company’s ethos revolves around three words: light, clean, and quiet. This mindset hints at Cake’s goal of moving society toward a zero-emission future.

Cake founder Stefan Ytterborn’s vision was to create a cleaner, quieter motorcycle. Ytterborn didn’t have a motorcycling background before Cake, quite the opposite actually. He found himself rather annoyed with some of the things we petrolheads hold dear – the noise and smell of motorcycles – and thought there had to be a better way. An avid outdoor recreationist, Ytterborn began looking for an inclusive solution rather than simply lobbying to ban motorized vehicles from riding areas, which may come as no surprise to those familiar with Stefan Ytterborn’s portfolio of startups. Ytterborn happens to be …read more

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