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By Evans Brasfield

So far in this celebration of 2019 on, we’ve turned to the staff MOrons for their choices of the best first rides and best shootouts of the year. Now, we gaze into the magic ball of Google Analytics to see what you readers selected with your finger taps, mice, and trackpads. While in the past we’ve typically had to adjust the clicks by the number of months that the articles have been live, I chose not to do that this year because the oldest article that made this list was from August. If it had been January, I would have thought that it had an unfair advantage. The other reason I decided to go with total clicks rather than an adjusted for time number was that the number four article of the year was posted only a week ago. Wrap your head around that. Now, just to really mess with you, that article has a decent amount of comments but nothing terribly eye-opening. So, if you’d asked me, I would have never guessed at the article’s popularity. The rest of the list is an interesting snapshot into the minds of you MOrons.

The most-read articles of 2019 are (in reverse order):

5. Honda’s Next Superbike Will Be Called The CBR1000RR-R

This selection is kinda shocking. We expected interest in the rumored update to the Honda CBR-1000, but an article about discovering the name through trademark filings? Perhaps the click-fever over the RR-R nomenclature was less about fun pirate sounds and more because, thanks to sleuthing from MO‘s internet ninja, Dennis Chung, this mini-feature was posted in the run-up to EICMA when excitement was at a fever pitch. That might also explain why the actual release about the CBR1000RR-R received fewer clicks. Maybe it was drowned out in the flood …read more

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