Yamaha Champions Riding School: ChampSchool

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By Ryan Adams

Taking this job with Motorcycle.com has opened up an unbelievable set of opportunities for me. I’ve had the chance to ride some amazing motorcycles in some of the most awe-inspiring places. If you’d asked me when I moved from the Midwest ten years ago if I thought I would’ve had the experiences I’ve had so far, even though I’ve always been hopeful, I couldn’t have imagined just how incredible it has been. Not a day goes by, even the long ones in front of a computer, that I’m not truly grateful for this.

And in being truly grateful for these opportunities, I find a huge, sometimes crushing responsibility to you, our readers, to deliver the best, most honest and critical reviews I can. To deliver the facts and to let you ultimately make your own judgements. Without giving my all, why should I expect you to bother reading what I have to say? It’s my responsibility to continue improving and to stay hungry and to do everything I can to do my job in the best way possible.

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The morning of the ChampSchool introduction Nick Ienatsch said, “We’re going to give 100% of ourselves to you for the next two days, but we expect the same in return.” It resonated with me. It reminded me of why I’ve had so much success with attending schools or simply when listening to those who have more experience than I do. I do appreciate the instruction and I do try to apply myself, 100%. A lot of what I would learn in the following days on the racetrack and in the classroom apply to all disciplines of riding and some things, to everyday life. And that’s why the Yamaha Champions Riding School is based around what the …read more

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