Church of MO: Overlooked and Underrated, circa 2000

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By John Burns

Verily, it really has been 20 years since the world did not seize up at the millennium, the World Trade Center stood tall, and one could still fix all the world’s ills with a jet kit and a few hundred bucks worth of suspension stuff from Race Tech. It feels more like a lifetime ago. How did it all go so pear-shaped so fast? A clean Honda VTR1000, however, still seems like a great way to go.


Overlooked and Underrated

We Are Worthy

By MO Staff, Jan. 18, 2000

We Are Worthy And We’ll Prove It: See The Motorcycle Online Staff
LOS ANGELES, January 18, 2000 — Newer is not always better. In many ways, a tried-and-true two- or three-year-old design is often a better option than the latest cutting-edge machine. There are plenty of “older” designs still offered by manufacturers that cost less than the leading-edge machine of the moment and, with what the aftermarket offers, you can actually build a motorcycle with comparable performance and handling characteristics. So we’ve rounded up three of our favorites bikes that have, somehow, got lost in the hype and ensuing shuffle of latest, greatest track-scratchers. It just happened that we ended up with a twin, a triple and a four, so we’ve got a little dash of every flavor represented here.

When they were first introduced, Honda’s VTR1000 Superhawk, Triumph’s Daytona 955i and Yamaha’s YZF-600F each were big news in their own ways. The 955i was the first serious competition machine to come from the resurrected English marque; the VTR was one of the first attempts at a go-fast V-twin by a Japanese manufacturer and the Yamaha YZF-600R completed the evolution of the FZR line that propelled Doug Polen and Jamie James to some of their first race victories as well as being, for a …read more

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