Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter Design Filings

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By Dennis Chung

A little over a year ago, Harley-Davidson revealed two electric two-wheeler concepts, an electric mountain bike and a scooter that resembled an old Briggs & Stratton minibike. Today, the European Union Intellectual Property Office published multiple design filings that give us a peek at what the production version of that electric scooter may look like.

Until now, the only images of the scooter Harley Davidson has released were for the original concept, a video of a prototype being ridden during X Games, and a single image of an updated concept tucked away on Harley-Davidson’s website (shown below).

Thanks to the design filings, we now have a better look at the bike from multiple angles, as well as a look at the electric motor and battery unit. Harley-Davidson submitted multiple filings to the EUIPO, showing different parts of the scooter. The designs were all filed Oct. 23, 2019, but only fully registered and published today.

The design filings look fairly similar to the bike in the photo above, and is much further along than the original concept shown last year. The frame looks much more refined, with the electric drive unit no longer serving as a load bearing part of the chassis. The floorboards are also further improved, compared to the sawed-off skateboards that were bolted onto the original concept. The ring headlight remains, but the updated concept design adds a combination tail light/license plate assembly.

The electric drive unit in particular looks production-ready, compared to the blocky black box on the original concept. The scooter …read more

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