Church of MO: 2000 Openbike Shootout!

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By John Burns

In those days 20 years ago, brethren, we rode with our heads held high and knees firmly on the ground; there was no crawling along on elbows with bowed heads in subservience to foreign foes and false idols. Later that year, Colin Edwards the Lanky Texan would win his first WSBK championship, and indeed – as red-blooded Americans had won half those titles since the series’ inception 12 years earlier – there was no reason to think we were not the chosen people. Let us not forget Kenny Roberts Jr’s 500 cc GP championship that year, nor the legacy of the Apostles Freddie, Steady Eddie, Wayne, and Schwantz. I may not get there with you, but someday we will return to the top of the mountain. A reading from the Book of Minime, with the help of the wise men Clavin, Roland and Nigel.

2000 Openbike Shootout

Thank you, may I have another?

By MO Staff Jul. 31, 2000

Thank you, may I have another?Disclaimer: By reading the following story you agree that you have no legal rights against whatsoever. If you so much as think about duplicating any of the actions below, you are a bonehead…

Torrance, California, July 31, 2000 — On this 31st day of July, MO does decree: “You can’t own a motorcycle with too much power.” So if you’re one of those pansies that cowers at the thought of big-bore power, take off that skirt, strap yourself to a chair, and hang on while we convince you that nothing, and we mean nothing will rock your world like an Open Class motorcycle. You should own one, learn how to wheelie, do burnouts and run low 10-second quarter miles. Then you can be studly and have a nickname like “Minime”, just like our very own …read more

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