Arai Is The Helmet To Buy

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By Jim Pruner

The helmet in the photo above was run over by another motorcycle at high speed during a race. The wearer walked away without sustaining a head injury. Take a moment to let that soak in.

I’m often asked by people who know I test riding gear which helmet to buy or which is the best. I take that as a compliment and love to help where I can by using the knowledge I’ve worked hard to gain doing this “job”.

I’ve Been On The Fence For Too Long

After wearing and testing many different helmets for wBW my opinion at this juncture is that all riders should be wearing an Arai helmet if they’re serious about protecting their heads.

Save your money and/or build the cost of an extra $700+ US into the price of that new bike you’re taking home to buy an Arai helmet. Oh, and you’re going to need to replace it every 5 to 10 years too (depending on how much you use it) so plan on budgeting for that while you’re at it. You can find them on sale at the end of the year quite often reduced 30 to 40% sometimes.

You’ll never regret it even if you don’t crash wearing it.

This is the soon to be released Regent-X helmet being built at the Arai factory in Japan.

That will be my advice from now on. Happily, Arai is releasing the Regent-X very soon and it’ll cost less than their other helmets… but it’s still $689 USD retail.

You’ll get the same degree of crash protection, just not quite as fancy of comfort liner on the inside.

Settle In For a Long Read Or Skip Ahead If You Like

The following 8000 words will explain exactly how I arrived at this conclusion. It covers;

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