2020 Polaris Slingshot Announced with New ProStar Engine and Automatic Transmission

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By Dennis Chung

Polaris Industries has updated its Slingshot three-wheeler for 2020, giving it a new 1997cc four-cylinder engine, an automatic transmission, revised suspension and a redesigned cockpit. In all, Polaris says the 2020 Slingshot features “70% new vehicle content” in its first major update since its introduction in 2015.

2020 Polaris Slingshot Getting New Engine, Automatic Transmission

“We are excited to announce Slingshot’s first-ever automatic style transmission. Our new AutoDrive transmission will open the door for more people to get in, stand out, and take their driving experience to a whole new level,” says Mike Dougherty, President of Polaris Slingshot. “With roughly 70 percent all-new content, we left no stone unturned both inside and out. The all-new ProStar 2.0L engine delivers more power and more fun, while the completely redesigned cockpit and interior elevates the shared experience for both the driver and their passenger.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The issue of whether or not the Polaris Slingshot should count as a motorcycle has gone on, also since its inception. No, it doesn’t look like a traditional motorcycle, whatever your definition of that includes. From a regulatory perspective, however, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers three-wheelers like the Slingshot to be motorcycles, though there are efforts to re-classify them as a new category called “autocycles”. In many states, a motorcycle endorsement is required to operate a Slingshot, and Polaris advises wearing DOT-approved full-face helmets and seatbelts while riding a Slingshot.

In our eyes here at Motorcycle.com, this makes the Slingshot worth writing about, even if some readers disagree. If you don’t want to read about the Slingshot, you don’t have to. But for those that do, we’ve got you covered. But if you still feel that strongly that Motorcycle.com should not write about the Slingshot, you’re welcome to leave us …read more

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