Yamaha Cross Core Ebike Review

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By John Burns

Is an ebike cheating? Of course. But would I be sitting on the beach now after a strenuous-ish 15-mile ride from my house without it? No. I’d be napping on the couch in my usual after-lunch tradition. I had a regular nice $500 Specialized hybrid bicycle there for a while, until it got stolen, and I did the 30-mile round trip to the Santa Ana River mouth quite a few times on it (and wrote about it here). But it took a lot out of me and the biggest part of a day by the time I was done lying around for a couple hours afterward, recuperating and rehydrating.

Let’s face it, I’m never gonna be in basic training shape again, but bicycling is a great way for middle-aged people to stay reasonably fit; also, there appears to be a high correlation between people interested in bicycles and motorcycles. The Santa Ana River trail that goes from close to my house to the Pacific is really about as scenic as my urban swath of SoCal gets, especially if you like your rivers lined with concrete and dry most of the time. Actually, the closer to the ocean you get the more natural and liquid it becomes – a nice incentive to keep pedalling.

The blue line that dumps into the ocean between Huntington and Newport Beach is the Santa Ana River; its mouth is a 30-mile round trip from my HQ.

Usually you need to head south early-ish, lest you find yourself pedalling against the ocean breeze that springs up most days. A 5-mph wind in the face feels like a hurricane on my lowly beach cruiser, upon which I have never reached the beach. On my loaner Yamaha Cross Core, I beat right into that headwind …read more

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