MO Tested: Del Rosario F-Light Coveralls

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By Troy Siahaan

Let’s just address the elephant in the room right off the bat. The Del Rosario F-Light Coveralls aren’t for everybody. With its fighter-pilot-turned-racecar-driver-turned-plumber motif, it’s an interesting design, to be sure. Half of you probably think these are atrocious, while the other half thinks they’re weird. Still another half probably digs them (but that demographic skews young and may not read online reviews anyway). Odd math aside one thing’s for sure: you’re looking at them.

Though on the surface their products seem similar, Del Rosario isn’t going after the Aerostich market. Who’s the intended market? Just read this snippet, direct from the Del Rosario website:

Designed to complement rather than replace your riding wardrobe, the F·light is for the commuter on the enduro, monster, scrambler or scooter as well as the expert rider who’s got the gear but doesn’t feel like wearing all of it while meeting friends for dinner.

The Breakdown

Admit it. You probably fit at least one of those descriptions. I do, which is why I reached out to the company in the first place. Two versions of the coverall are available, with waterproofing being done to one and not the other. Being a Southern California resident, I opted for the non-waterproof version since rain isn’t much of a thing in this drought-stricken landscape. What I got was a lightweight coverall made from ripstop cotton material in the main chassis, with mesh ventilation down the sides. Abrasion-resistant aramid fabric lines the elbows, knees, and butt areas. Inside, there are pockets in the elbow, knee, and back areas to accept CE-rated armor (they sell both level 1 and level 2 armor, separately), and on the outside, there are even more pockets; two across the chest, one on the sleeve, one across each thigh, and two more hand pockets lined with a soft …read more

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