Best Motorcycle Touring Gloves

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By John Burns

Updated January 2020

Well, there really is no “best touring glove,” because when you’re really going places on your motorcycle for days, the climatic conditions are liable to change more often than your underwear. From baking desert to bone-chilling mountaintop and all points in between, we know of no gloves with adjustable ventilation systems. Touring also implies that you’re probably on a bike with enough storage to carry more than one pair of gloves, which is really the way to go. Having heated grips gives way more flexibility to your glove selection as well. With them, behind handguards or a fairing, you can probably get away without needing really heavy winter gloves.

There are tons of gloves with the features to deliver the comfort and protection from the weather and mishaps that you’ll need out on the long and winding road. What makes a touring glove a touring glove is the ability to be worn comfortably for extended periods. Just like with a helmet, there’s no substitute for trying them on in an actual motorcycle store – most of which will gladly match your best online price. Add multi-weather adaptability. Finally, you need crash protection. All of the gloves featured here have these qualities in spades.

Here are more than a few of our favorites, in alphabetical order.

Aerostich Luxury Deerskin Three Season Gloves – $227

While the Aerostich Luxury Deerskin Three Season Gloves won’t do you much good in the rain or during the winter, they are just about perfect for those ideal touring days in the saddle when the sun is shining and all is right in the world. Since they’re constructed out of deerskin, you know they’ll be supple and break in by the end of the first ride. Perforations and vents along the knuckles and palm help keep hands cool while …read more

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