Church of MO: 2000 Ducati ST4

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By John Burns

The world has come to grips with saddlebags on Ducatis now, my friends, but that wasn’t always the case. First came the ST2 with the air-cooled motor and it was good. Then a few years later, the ST4 with the liquid-cooled 916 engine: 99.5 horsepower were more than enough then, though frankly we usually preferred the nearly equal torque of the ST2 a couple thousand rpm sooner. Twenty years later, we’re waiting not-so patiently for the 200-hp V-four Multistrada to get here. There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.

First Ride: Year 2000 Ducati ST4

A Comfy 916?

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 16, 2000

“Whatcha ridin’?” A guy riding a black ST4 wanted to know.

The Rock Store parking lot on Saturday afternoons, particularly beneath the large shade tree at the west end of the lot, is replete with shiny Harleys and other assorted well- and over-chromed American customs. Hardcore sport bikers segregate themselves toward the sun-drenched east side. In between the “tweener” bikes reside — a Buell X1, a Bandit 1200, an old Triumph Bonneville, a few Japanese cruisers, Beemers and the above-mentioned gentleman’s Ducati ST4. My ride is parked out of place, in the shade among the Harleys, next to a Titan owned by one of those anonymous “B” level T.V. actors whose faces populate cheap, syndicated action and detective shows found on cable outlets such as the USA Network.

“Um, I’m riding an ST4 too.” I squint, trying to locate the bike through the thick, chrome-laden glare. “The red one over there, next to the Titan.”

“Oh yeah,” says the ST4 man. “You know, that chromed-out Titan is owned by that T.V. actor.”

“What show was he on again?”

“I don’t remember but I know I saw him once. I think it was on one of those Silk Stalkings-type shows that come …read more

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