A Conversation With Ernest Lee of Confederate Motorcycles

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By Wade Thiel

A Unique American Motorcycle Company

Confederate Motorcycles is a company that stands out from other motorcycle companies in the world. It builds machines in low-volume and for high prices, and it’s motorcycles are unlike any other bikes on the road.

Recently, I wrote about a different company—Curtiss Motorcycles—and how the folks now running that company used to run Confederate Motorcycles. I assumed the Confederate brand was no more. I was wrong.

Ernest Lee, the man making things happen now at Confederate Motorcycles emailed me to let me know of my mistake. I responded and suggested that we set up a phone call so that I could learn what’s new with Confederate and to right my wrong. Here’s what I found.

Confederate Motorcycles Is Going Strong

Lee, an attorney, told me in 2017 the team behind Confederate Motorcycles brought him in to help them transition to Curtiss Motorcycles. During that process, they decided it would make sense to sell the Confederate brand. Lee was there to make that deal happen and made an offer that was accepted.

From there he took the company and began marketing and producing the motorcycles for sale worldwide. “I guess I sell 60 percent in the U.S. and 40 percent outside,” Lee said. “We’re still building the P-51 and the FA-13.”

He went on to say that business was going pretty well. Last year, Lee said they did about one motorcycle a month. This year, Confederate already has orders for 23 bikes. To help meet demand, the company will be opening a new manufacturing facility in Alabama.

“We’re gearing up a new manufacturing facility that we’ll have in Birmingham within the next 30 days,” said Lee. That new manufacturing facility will help the company continue to keep producing at its current pace and beyond.

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Source:: A Conversation With Ernest Lee of Confederate Motorcycles


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