Cleveland CycleWerks Partners With Sphere Brakes for Its Electric Bike

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By Wade Thiel

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Cleveland CycleWerks announced via a press release its new partnership with the U.S. company Sphere Brakes. The company is aptly named. It has a new sphere brake that was created in Erie, Pennsylvania, that uses mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic pressure to apply hemispherical pads against spherical braking surfaces.

β€œThe technology is currently being developed through the Marine Corps and U.S. Army. Our design provides Cleveland CycleWerks’ E-Mobility product with a lightweight, high performing brake that is cost-competitive through part reduction and lean manufacturing,” said Aaron Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sphere Brakes.

You can also service this new brake system very easily. The system doesn’t require tools or lifts to make brake pad changes. This makes service easier than ever before.

As you can tell, the Cleveland CycleWerks new E-mobility platform is about more than just putting out an electric bike. It’s about innovative technology and new ideas. Scott Colosimo of Cleveland CycleWerks put it like this:

β€œ#FalconRising is not just an event to announce our first E-Mobility platform, it represents a significant shift in the way that Cleveland CycleWerks functions as a business. Sphere Brakes is a U.S. tech company with an innovation that reduces rotational mass, manufacturing complexity and increases braking performance and efficiency. We are working to release this technology in our line of Falcon electric vehicles.”

As I’ve reported on in the past, the company will reveal the bike in Cleveland on March 20th. It’s exciting to see this small American company making big moves, and it’s even more exciting to see the company doing it in the U.S. I’ll be going to the reveal in Cleveland, so you can expect first-hand coverage of the event and the motorcycle itself. I’m also hoping to have some time to sit down with …read more

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