Church of MO: 1995 Honda CBR600F3 Introduction

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By John Burns

Twenty-five years ago Motorcycle Online‘s beloved founder, only one year into its founding and staring up an icy ski jump of an uphill battle (Motorcycle Onwhat?), found himself invited to the launch of the third iteration of one of Honda’s greatest hits of all time – the CBR600 F3. The original CBR600 Hurricane of 1987 was a breakthrough machine that launched 1000 squids, the F2 of a few years later was the first bike upon which yours truly drug knee, and the F3 only improved upon what was a fantastic sportbike you could also vacation upon. Maybe because you were only 35? Sure, they’ve built a lot of faster and sportier bikes since, but I almost think If Honda should last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”

1995 Honda CBR600F3 Introduction:Small Improvements, Big Gains

By Brent Plummer, Editor Jan. 20, 1995
Editor’s Note– Whether you’re a racer, canyon killer, commuter, or sport tourer, the CBR600F3 could be the perfect bike for you–not only is the F3 faster, smoother and better suspended than previous versions, it has captured that elusive quality that Japanese motorcycles lacked in recent decades: Personality.So what gives the new F3 its new-found personality?

Look no further than the new ram-air airbox — not something you can see or hear in action — but its there, nonetheless. And it gives you serious bragging and performance value — the top-speed gain from this new airbox is phenomenal.

At Honda’s semi-secret proving grounds in California’s Mojave desert, we ran the new 1995 CBR600F3 side-by-side against its older sibling, the F2. Although there was no radar gun available, the new F3 is at least 5.0 mph faster than last year’s model, and probably closer to seven or eight: our 1995 test bike indicated 175 mph around Honda’s 7.5 …read more

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