Motorcycle Consumer News Ceases Publication

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By Wade Thiel

Another Motorcycle Publisher Fades Out

Effective as of February 1, 2020, Lumina Media, the publishing company behind Motorcycle Consumer News and Auto Restorer magazines announced its dissolution. The notice posted to the company’s website doesn’t say why it’s shutting its doors, but it does say the January issue of Motorcycle Consumer News that was distributed 17, 2020, would be the last.

This is yet another instance of a motorcycle publisher going under. Motorcycle Consumer News was exactly what its name suggests—a motorcycle publication designed for the regular motorcyclist. It’s a shame to see another publication disappear.

One of Many to Leave the Arena

One of our readers, Rick Norton sent us a message about the Lumina Media closure and was curious about our thoughts on the subject. So, Rick, I can’t speak for everyone on staff, but here’s my take on the situation.

Some folks might think that one less motorcycle publication would be a good thing for us, but they’d be wrong. More active players in any industry is generally good for the entire industry, and healthy competition is something that is often indicative of a healthy business model and a healthy industry.

Plus, most motorcycle riders are readers of multiple motorcycle magazines, so it’s really less of us competing with another publication as it is all of us thriving.

Publishing magazines—digital and otherwise—has gone through some major shifts in the last few decades. Print magazines, in particular, are especially hard to make profitable. Many publications have gone under. Others have gone digital. Sport Rider, Hot Bike, Motorcyclist, and several others are really a shadow of what they once were (if they exist at all).

Part of this is down to the fact that the big companies that buy and run these publications are not interested in investing the needed money to keep them going. …read more

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