MO Tested: Dunlop Roadsmart III Long Term Review

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By Troy Siahaan

If you’re making a tire in the sport-touring category, you probably have one of the most difficult jobs in the entire tire business. Where racers want the grippiest tire they can find, longevity be damned, and the touring set seek high-mileage with modest grip, the sport-touring crowd wants the best of both worlds. Oh, and it better have good wet weather performance, too. No easy feat.

With the Dunlop Roadsmart III, Dunlop thinks it has created the holy grail of sport-touring tires. Not only is Dunlop touting the longevity of the tire, but it’s also bragging about the grip and consistency of the Roadsmart III’s performance throughout the life of the tire – an important aspect sometimes overlooked. Our own John Burns got to try a set of the tires when they were introduced in 2017 and came back pleasantly satisfied with the results – even if he only got to ride on the tires for two days. (Click on the link for background and Dunlop’s story about the tires)

Tire companies are always claiming their latest products are the best yet. Usually it’s BS, but after logging some miles on the Dunlop Roadsmart III, I tend to believe it this time.

All the hype was enough to convince me to get a set to replace the worn out rubber hoops on my Kawasaki Versys commuter bike – which I then proceeded to ride for roughly 7,000 miles. The results? Well, not so fast. I will say it’s a truly impressive tire, but first let’s break down the RS3 to better understand Dunlop’s approach.


Tighter windings in the mono spiral belt help with the tire’s compliance, while dual compounds in the rear (hard center, soft shoulders) give it both longevity in the middle and grip in the corners.

Most manufacturers employ a …read more

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