2021 BMW R18 Cruiser and Bagger Designs Leak

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By Dennis Chung

While we continue to wait on the slow drip of official news on BMW‘s 1800cc cruisers, we’ve gotten our mitts on design filings for what appears to be the production models of the R18 in cruiser and bagger form.

Published this week by Brazil’s intellectual property office, the designs give us a good look at both versions of the R18 from multiple angles. Key elements such as turn signals, mirrors, fork-mounted reflectors and a giant license plate mount suggest that these are indeed intended for production and not just another concept. The designs also closely resemble the bikes spotted covered by tarps in spy photographs we published back in October.

The design filings give us our first good look at the bagger version, which we’ll call the R1800B for lack of a better name. While the two bikes obviously share the same 1802cc boxer engine, we were surprised at how much the bagger and the cruiser version (which we’ll call the R1800C) differ. Overlaying the right profile images of both bikes highlight these differences.

Apart from the obvious addition of a large fairing, front fender and saddlebags, we notice some changes to the chassis. It appears BMW is using a modular chassis design, as the headstock for the bagger is significantly different from the cruiser. Beyond supporting the added weight of the fairing, the chassis change also resulted in a different rake and trail, with the R1800B bagger’s front wheel brought in closer to the header pipes.

The R1800C also has an additional frame component below the seat for mounting passenger foot pegs. The bagger also has a noticeably larger fuel tank and a significantly thicker two-up seat.

The cruiser’s exhausts end in …read more

Source:: 2021 BMW R18 Cruiser and Bagger Designs Leak


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