Church of MO: 1995 BMW R1100RS

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By John Burns

One score and five years ago, Motorcycle Online was one year old and full o’ beans, broadcasting squawkily but surely to hundreds of early-adopter nerd motorcyclists over the interwebs. Who knew what a monolith it would become? Well, Brent Plummer and his early band of acolytes knew; unfortunately they didn’t have time to hang around while the world caught up, bless their hearts, or to afford a camera. Sounds like Andy Saunders, who wrote this excellent BMW review, packed up and moved back to England. Good on him, and Godspeed to all.


1995 BMW R1100R

Fifteen Rounds With A Contender

By Andy Saunders Apr. 20, 1995
Photos by MO Staff
    Sitting in a roadside cafe in Santa Monica the future was clear: At the curb, BMW’s new R1100R standard. On the map, a route north. A day to do it. Gazing at the beemer, I tried to reconcile those great features — torquey and smooth twin-cylinder boxer engine, antilock brakes, fuel injection, adjustable seat — with its godawful ugly looks. No contest. When BMW designers put together the new boxer, it ended up looking like a boxer — pug nose and cauliflower ears included — but this bike is no slouch. That smooth motor packs a powerful punch and it was a great day for a fight with the weather on a stripped motorcycle.Setting out from Los Angeles to ride to San Francisco with no rain gear is usually not a problem in May — during spring in California’s

    coastal region, the rain has stopped for the season. The calendar says so. So much for my smug reliance on traditional weather patterns. Turns out that (so far at least) 1995 is one of those years that winter never ends. But my ride was just beginning.The clouds rolled out of the Pacific, covering the mountains north of …read more

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