Husqvarna Now Has a 701 Enduro LR

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By Wade Thiel

LR Stands for Long Range

Dual-sport machines aren’t usually equipped with huge gas tanks and many guys take these bikes way off into the wilderness. Range anxiety can be a factor. Husqvarna is aware of this and has now released a long-range 701 Enduro. The LR version of the bike gets a bigger gas tank (actually two tanks), so you can go further.

The bike comes with a 3.2-gallon tank, to begin with. The 701 Enduro LR takes things up a notch. The LR version gets a 6.6-gallon tank. This is done through the use of two tanks. A 3.4-gallon out back and a 3.2-gallon upfront. Each tank has its own fuel pump. Together, they’re good for 310 miles.

The bike is otherwise the same as the regular 701 Enduro. It comes with a 74 hp single-cylinder 693cc engine with ride-by-wire throttle. The bike also has WP Xplor front forks with adjustable damping and WP Xplor rear shock with adjustment.

The motorcycle, at this time, will not come to the U.S. Husky is giving it to Australia, Europe, and South Africa first. I would assume it will come to North America after that. I certainly hope it will. This is a motorcycle that I find seriously interesting, and I imagine a lot of the more off-road focused adventure riders will, too.

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