The Best Honda Motorcycles Ever Made

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By Simon Bertram

The name Honda has been synonymous with motorcycles since 1948 when Honda Soichiro formalized the Honda Technical Research Institute into the Honda Motor Company. The very first motorcycle Honda made in 1949 was technically a motorized bicycle, the Honda Type A, with the second model, the Type D, becoming the first true Honda motorcycle with a tiny 98cc, two-stroke, 3 HP engine in a pressed steel frame.

Since those early days, Honda has gone on to achieve great success in motorcycle technology and development, being at the forefront of many model types, and inventing one or two along the way. Today, we here at wBW would like to go over some of these revolutionary bikes as we travel back through history to name the best Honda motorcycles ever made.

Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub, or in some markets simply the Honda Cub, is quite simply the single most produced motorized vehicle in history. Period. Let that sink in for a moment. This humble little motorcycle, first released in 1958 and expected to only last a single year on the market, has been produced without pause and is still being produced as you read this.

If you took the second and third most-produced motor vehicles ever, the Toyota Corolla at over 43 million made, and the Ford F150 pickup at over 40 million produced, they do not even scratch at the Super Cub’s over 100 million produced.

What Fueled Its Incredible Popularity?

Cars in the 1950s were still very expensive in many parts of the world, especially in Asia. Add in that Japan was going through a recession, and the Super Cub C100 subsequently sold fairly poorly at first. As well, during the winter of 1958, many customers began to complain about the clutch on the bike, which was a leverless …read more

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