Top Bikes For The Track [2020 Update]

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By Simon Bertram

There’s nothing quite like a track day. We all know the bikes under us are capable of great speeds, exhilarating acceleration, and lean angles that would make a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” dancer jealous. We also all know, or at least should know, that such things are not entirely legal, or safe, on the public roads.

But when a dedicated race track hosts a track day, or your motorcycle club rents out a track for a day of fun, you can finally twist the wrist all the way, push your bike the way it was meant to be pushed, maybe even drag a knee or two through some tight apexes. Of course, you need to be properly equipped for such a day: full race leathers, racing gloves and boots, helmet, and, of course… motorcycle.

2020 Suzuki SV650

Yes, a naked bike is on our recommended list for a track day bike, and let me explain why. Not everyone that attends a track day has been there before. Some riders may have just started their journey into our favorite hobby, and some may have been riding for years on the street but never on the track. So, more often than not, those riders have a street bike with some sporting ability and they want to bring it to the track to get a feel for if they want to do track days.

Anyone that knows, knows that the SV650 is one of the most highly recommended beginner bikes out there. It’s comfortable, lightweight, has a rev-happy, willing engine, and is incredibly easy to work on should anything go wrong. As well, it has the soul of a GSX-R650R pulsing about it, in a much easier to digest package.

For a novice track rider, the 2020 SV650 is a perfect all-around bike that can scream down …read more

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