Church of MO: 1995 Suzuki GSX-R1100 First Ride

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By John Burns

And the number of the beast was 493 pounds dry, claimethed Suzuki in 1995. If that was the case then fluids were waaay heavy 25 years ago, brethren: Filling the tank with 5.5 gallons of Ethyl, adding oil to the engine, fork tubes and rear shock, coolant to the radiator, five gallons of brake fluid, and lead acid to the battery had these things approaching the weight of Air Force One, fully Trumped out with gold fixtures. Guesseth what? Is it any coincidence that as these things have shrunk over the years to become ever racier, so have their sales? The GSX-R1100 was in fact a midrange-monstrous sport-tourer in a track suit – too big to fail! How I long for one today, but with cruise control…


The Big Lean: Suzuki’s 1995 GSXR1100 Drops Weight, Gains Performance

By Brent Plummer Mar. 19, 1995

When Suzuki’s GSXR model line was first introduced way back in 1986, they were quintessential sportbikes. Light and powerful with superior handling, the GSXRs were the scourge of racetracks and canyons worldwide. Since then, the years have been cruel: The GSXRs, unequaled kings of the proverbial sportbike hill in the late 1980s, grew fat and complacent at the top.Suddenly, it’s 1994. And the GSXR lineup is pushing around a hundred or so pounds of extra pork that was nowhere to be found on the featherweight originals, and Suzuki is getting stomped in Superbike and unlimited-class racing the world over.

So Suzuki puts the GSXRs on a diet. The GSXR600 underwent the most drastic cutback – it withered away completely! The GSXR750 was run through the weight-reduction mill last year, dropping 24 pounds in the process. This year, thankfully, the GSXR1100 got put on a fast. And the results are spectacular!

If you cough up the $9549 (American dollars) suggested retail price …read more

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