MO Tested: Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta Master Cylinder

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By Evans Brasfield

From the world introduction of the KTM 790 Duke in 2018, detractors have commented on two characteristics of the bike’s front brakes. The first, the soft initial bite from the pads, I easily remedied with the EBC Double-H pads. (KTM PowerParts discs improved the braking even more.) The other characteristic that performance-minded riders expressed their disdain for was the amount of free-play in the lever before the brake was activated. I’m not going to call this a design flaw because I believe it was a deliberate decision on the part of KTM’s engineers. The 790 Duke was designed to be a street bike, and that little bit of free play can help less experienced riders avoid initial abruptness with their brake application – which is a good thing, particularly in a panic stop situation.

Performance-focused riders, however, have a different set of priorities. This is why premium braking components like the Brembo RCS 17/19 Corsa Corta master cylinder exist – to give expert riders the tools they need. Additionally, Brembo’s master cylinder technology has advanced beyond being simply more powerful and now gives riders the capability to tune both the lever free play and the power delivery to suit their braking preferences.

About Master Cylinders

Before we dive into the specifics of the Corsa Cortas, we need to take a look at two important qualities of a master cylinder. Radial master cylinders are all the rage – and the reasoning behind them is sound. In a radial master cylinder, the lever travels in the same direction as the piston. With axial master cylinders, the design of the lever assembly has the piston traveling at a right angle to the motion of the lever. This limits lever feel because the lever actuates the piston via a fulcrum and may even need to slide …read more

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