Cleveland CycleWerks Reveals the Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK

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By Wade Thiel

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Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) had a full event planned for its new Falcon electric bike, but due to the Coronavirus, the company decided to do a reveal on Facebook live. Scott Colosimo, the CEO of CCW, sat down with Zach and Evan to discuss the bike. The three of them are the key figures behind the new bike.

The three of them kicked things off with a discussion of the reason for making the motorcycle. They discussed the fact that CCW has been building and selling motorcycles around the world for 10 years now. They discussed the need for a new kind of vehicle and the fact that technology is now available.

The guys also talked about the fact that there is a lot of support for things that are made in the USA, which the new bike will be. According to the info about the bike about 60 percent of the motorcycle is made in Cleveland, Ohio, and about 80 percent of the bike is made in the USA.

The last thing discussed was how versatile the machine actually is. You can use it as a regular e-bike, You can check out the discussion below.

From there the team moved to the actual motorcycle. Here, the guys go over the motorcycle in depth. They had a version of the motorcycle that was stripped down. And then they had the Falcon BLK that was fully equipped and ready to go.

The bike has two battery packs, an electric motor that puts out 17.5 hp max, a fox dual-adjustable rear shock, and a CCW-created front suspension. The frame itself is a tubular, full CCW design that houses the removable battery packs, electric controller, and electric motor.

Everything on the bike is DOT legal, can be rated just as an e-bike or …read more

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