Church of MO: Year 2000 World Supersport Shootout

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By John Burns

And so it goes; only four years after Ashley came down from the mountain with the MO tablets, and had gained some traction with the holy men and the moneychangers in the temple of Motorcycling, and had enough money to hire a real photographer – along comes Minime and Roland to kickstart the me-too movement years ahead of its time and trash the Suzuki. Luckily, the world little noted, nor long remembered what they said here, but it can never forget what they did. Somehow, we survived anyway. This current crisis, too, shall pass, and when it does, may MO have a new birth of freedom, amen.

Year 2000 World Supersport Shootout


By MO Staff Apr. 12, 2000
Photography by Kevin Wing

Los Angeles, April 12, 2000 — Food is a funny thing. You can line up five chefs, give them all the same ingredients, and you’ll end up with five different dishes. Motorcycles, it turns out, are much the same way.In this year’s World Supersport shootout, three of the five bikes are completely unchanged from 1999, only one model has been revised, and only one model is included that was omitted before. Still, even with so many similarities, we came up with a completely different end result than what we had last year. That’s what you get for having different chefs stir your pot.

We’ve gathered together the main contenders for the World Supersport title: four 600cc four-cylinder machines from Japan and one 748cc V-twin from Italy. All bikes compete head-to-head not only in what often turns out to be the most-competitive race of the weekend but also on showroom floors and back roads as more and more consumers opt for agility and light weight over a 130 horsepower motor pushing around a far more portly mass of semi-precious metals.

While Honda’s CBR600F series …read more

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