Damon Motorcycles Announces New Limited Run Hypersport Premier and Acquisition of Mission Motors

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By Wade Thiel

Seeking to Change the Motorcycle Industry

Damon Motorcycles revealed its new electric motorcycle, the Damon Hypersport at CES. The model caused quite a stir, and rightfully so. It’s a vehicle that is not only one of the most impressive electric vehicles created this far, but the Shift system and Co-Pilot safety system are unlike any other motorcycle that’s been created.

I reported on the bike and spoke with the CEO Jay Giraud when the motorcycle was revealed. I knew it would be the subject of a lot of attention, but now Damon reports the company has secured hundreds of pre-sales, and many of those are from the elusive Millenial demographic.

Because of the positive reaction from the initial reveal and the subsequent interest, Damon has revealed two new special limited-number Premier versions of the motorcycle: Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun. These bikes are available now for pre-order for $39,995. That’s a lot of money, but the standard model that the company will sell is a more reasonable $25,000.

The company also announced the recent acquisition of the IP portfolio of Mission Motors, which develops some of the highest-density EV powertrains out there. This acquisition gives Damon has proven, cutting-edge technology and access to some of the brightest people out there.

Together, these moves show that Damon Motorcycles is a key player in the electric bike space and in the motorcycle industry. I had a chance to talk with Giraud again about the new developments.

The Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun

The new versions of the Hypersport, the Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun came after the Founder’s Edition Hypersport Premier motorcycles were offered at CES. The Founder’s Edition bikes were 25 motorcycles offered with wholly unique paint schemes.

Giraud said these bikes have not been manufactured yet, and the whole pre-sale campaign …read more

Source:: Damon Motorcycles Announces New Limited Run Hypersport Premier and Acquisition of Mission Motors


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