Whatever: Social Distancing Early Adopter

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By John Burns

(WARNING! This is an opinion piece by MO‘s Senior Content Editor and does not represent MO‘s official position on anything at all.)

In these trying times for all of us, the worst part is the simply not knowing, the worrying about your loved ones, the frustration of trying to keep track of a nasty, invisible killer of hopes and dreams. Let me take this time, then, to put your mind at ease: I’m fine.

Okay, this is no time for kidding around, or is it? It is April Fool’s Day, but I’m really not in a hilarious mood. What are we talking about? Right, social distancing, the new phrase of the month. Some of MO‘s salespeople had an office in LA, but I don’t think they do anymore – and as far as I know, we editorial types haven’t worked out of a central office since the beginning of the Duke era, circa 2007, when MO was acquired by the Canadian company VerticalScope.

We’re increasingly more of a loose-knit motorcycle club with an active newsletter than a real business ever since, exchanging plans and ideas via email and video conference, but really only meeting physically to go on motorcycle rides: Ever-progressing technology makes it not only possible but easy. About once a week, we spend an hour peering virtually into each others’ offices to plot our moves – bedheads, babies and all. Sharing documents for editing, images, and witty banter online couldn’t be easier thanks to Google and Dennis Chung.

My close friends and family, which number in the five or sixes, I mostly keep track of via text message. Facebook’s alright for fighting with everybody else, and our meals here consist mostly of simple peasant fare… Which is all to say, the COVID-19 has barely affected my “lifestyle” …read more

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