MO Tested: Rottweiler Performance Transaver

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By Evans Brasfield

Listen to sport riders talk about a corner on the track, or maybe their favorite road, and you’ll hear things like “I come in hard on the brakes, bang a couple of downshifts, and then bend it into the corner.” Let’s just focus on the word “bang” here. Riders are broken into a couple of different categories when it comes to downshifting technique. On opposite ends of the spectrum, you’ll find the ones who flex their ankle, precisely snicking each shift with the toe of their boot, and then there are the stompers who use their whole leg. Most of us are somewhere in between, neither babying nor beating our motorcycle’s transmission. No matter how strong modern transmissions are, they still contain parts that you can bend or break if you abuse them. That’s what Rottweiler Perfomance’s Transaver is supposed to prevent.

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Rottweiler Performance is a Southern California-based aftermarket design and development company for products that owner Chris Parker says helps riders modify their bikes “beyond what the factory engineers have set for their target audience.” With access to a full machine shop and armed with a creative bent for making KTMs go fast, Parker looks for areas where he can design products that other companies have overlooked. How’s it working out for him? The KTM 790 Adventure R he built was piloted by rider Wes VanNieuwenhuise to a mere 9 seconds off the overall podium after the six days of the 2020 Sonora Rally. Think of that, an adventure bike scrapping it out with pure race bikes weighing significantly less than it. Oh, and it ran a Transaver, too.

The Transaver slots neatly in behind the rearset.

In its most basic form, the Transaver is a gas strut, which replaces …read more

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