2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX Second Look

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By Ryan Adams

Nope, this is not a First Ride review. Yes, I’m annoyed too. But hey, COVID-19 is affecting everyone in different ways. I won’t whine about not getting to ride new motorcycles for X number of weeks if you folks promise not to whine about, “Where’s the Ninja 1000 SX review!” I understand your anticipation, we feel the same way over here. When our comprehensive Ninja 1000 SX data dump (basically just a giant Kawasaki press release) was published last November during EICMA 2019, Kawasaki spilled all of the beans on the new model. Last week we had a “virtual press launch” which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there was no new information to publish since Kawi had already released it all.

When that press release was posted on the site last Fall, the 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX was one of the most popular motorcycles our readers were interested in during our 2019 EICMA coverage. Since we don’t anticipate Kawi opening its press fleet doors to the motorcycling media anytime soon, we (Evans) thought I’d distill down those previously posted 2,300+ words into a concise list of what’s actually new for 2020.

Smooth Operator

For 2020 Kawasaki has eschewed those pesky throttle cables in favor of an all-new ride-by-wire throttle. A new accelerator position sensor on the throttle negates the need for cables by working with the Electronic Throttle Valves (EVT) to ensure just the right mixture of air and fuel is sucked into the engine. The intake funnels have been revised so cylinders one and four now use 45mm shorter funnels to contribute to cleaner emissions while also matching the new exhaust layout.

Kawasaki has now included four ride modes: Sport, Road, Rain, and Rider. The first three have preset power and traction control (KTRC) …read more

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