Bringing A 20 Year-Old Motorcycle Back To Life

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By Troy Siahaan

I credit my early foundations in motorcycling to my beloved Suzuki SV650. Like with any sport, you need to learn the basics before you can progress to the more advanced stuff, and while my motorcycling career progressed on a number of different motorcycles over the years, my foundation was solidly built on my humble little SV.

In the early days of my moto-journo career, the glitz and glamour of being able to ride other people’s motorcycles persuaded me that I really didn’t have a need for my SV anymore. And so, I let it sit, for 11 years, at my friend’s shop in the Florida panhandle. As a thank you to my friend, I basically handed him the keys to the bike and let him do with it as he pleased. Over that decade-plus, parts were pillaged off the bike to help other SVs continue down the road. Then, eventually, it was forgotten and left to rot. Thank goodness it was indoors, at least.

My SV, just days after I bought it, circa 2004. Not much of that bike is left, sadly. Though I do still have the front wheel around here, somewhere, for some reason.

Fast forward a bit and I’m starting to feel nostalgic. These new bikes are great and all, but I can’t deny how complicated modern motorcycles have become. One of the reasons I bought the SV in the first place is because it’s so simple. I even opted for an early, first-gen SV instead of the later, fuel-injected ones, because it has carburetors (and because I liked the way it looks better). Talk about simple. Frankly, I missed the ‘ol SV. So, I decided it was time it came back home.

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