MO Tested: Fly Racing Kinetic Shield Gear Set

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By Ryan Adams

It had been a minute since I’d used any Fly Racing gear off-road when the Kinetic Shield gear set arrived in the mail. Pulling the jersey, pants, and gloves out of their packaging, I really liked the black on black graphics, but if you’re not into it, there are also a handful of other color options in this model. Price-wise, the Kinetic Shield gear comes in around mid-level for the Fly Racing lineup and on the budget-friendly end of the spectrum when considering all of the other gear sets on the market. Obviously, everything integrates and looks great together. As B. Jaswinski used to say, “Look good, feel good, ride good”.

What really sealed the deal for me with the Fly gear though was the fit. Let’s take a look at each piece of the Fly Racing Kinetic Shield gear set separately.

Fly Racing Kinetic Shield Jersey

The Kinetic Shield Jersey is made up of two fabrics. The majority of the jersey is a tightly knit fabric, that despite my best efforts, has remained almost entirely unscathed after being worn while navigating tight cactus-flanked single-track in Mexico and narrow sandy washes in the California desert lined with plants that I’m sure gave humans the inspiration for concertina wire. In fact, the most wear the jersey is showing after numerous days of abuse is the rubbing from my hydration pack, and that’s only on the more breathable looser-woven sections up the sides of the torso that extend up under the arms.

The Kinetic Shield jersey is one of the warmer jerseys that I have due to the main material, but it has also held up better to the constant barrage of thorned devil-plants I find myself plowing through than any other jersey I’ve used so far. The fit is slightly loose. These days it seems …read more

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