BrakeBuTT Adds Linked Braking to Any Motorcycle

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By Wade Thiel

Link Up Those Brakes

If you don’t have linked braking on your motorcycle you’re just out of luck, right? Wrong. Now there’s BrakeBuTT. This new invention is on Kickstarter right now and it’s a system that will add linked braking to almost any motorcycle. It can be installed pretty easily and doesn’t require you to tear apart your brakes, according to New Atlas. Intrigued? Yep, so was I.

BrakeBuTT has two parts. The first is a control box that gets attached to the front brake lever. When pressure is applied to the front brake, it detects it and tells the other part of the system to apply over 1,000psi of pressure to the rear brake via a cable. The Australian guys who put this together spent three years developing and testing the system.

The system will prevent those pesky issues that occur for a lot of newer riders who grab a handful of the front brake in an emergency or panic situation. The system is adjustable, too, allowing you to modify the amount of brake pressure applied. You can also just use the rear brake if needed without using the front brake. This is a must-have because you don’t always want to apply the front brake, especially when off-road.

In the end, this system is very interesting and something I’d love to see in production. Currently, the project is only about $1,100 towards its goal of $60,201. The price is set at $380 if the guys behind it have already designed a kit for your bike. If they don’t have one for your bike, you can put down a $120 deposit and they will try to design one for your motorcycle.

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