The Latest Vyrus is the Alyen 998

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By John Burns

The spiritual heirs of the Bimota Tesi are still at work over there on the Adriatic coast, in Italy, creating their own Vyruses in spite of the corona one. This latest hub-steered creation, in the works for nine years, uses an all new HWSS (Hydraulic Wired Steering System) in yet another valiant effort to overcome the limitations of the telescopic fork. Ducati has supplied 20 special Superquadro 1299 engines, which we suppose means 20 Alyens will be built. The price, Vyrus says, is “not available.” I didn’t really need to be told.

The press release is almost as fun to read as the bike itself, just like being in Italy!

Vyrus Alyen 998 Press Release:

Vyrus is a positive affection, it has been since its first creation: infusing art into technology to build motorcycles and igniting the passion in those who marry our philosophy. Alyen is the latest creature, a condensate of knowledge acquired in 35 years of activity and a history lived in the land of motors, right in her heart, at the center of the world! In this historical moment we all need a contagion of passion and love.


The idea it’s a sketch of Adrian Morton that Ascanio Rodorigo develops with Yutaka Igarashi (Japanese designer) in 57 different versions in a span of 9 years, an infinite gestation for the intrinsic complexities of the project. The perfect idea for the layout of a motorcycle with indirect steering and double swingarm! A demanding challenge due to the particular arrangement of the components, a game of structures suspended in nothingness that represent more a creature of the future rather than a motorcycle. A complex coordination work of the Technical Office with the Vyrus Design Department for the prototyping and putting on road of the futuristic prototype. The revolution concerns concept of …read more

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