The Ducati-Powered Vyrus Aylen 988

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By Wade Thiel

Wild Looking

The Italian motorcycle builder Vyrus has a new bike and it’s wild. The Vyrus Aylen 988 features a 1,298 L-twin engine from a Ducati Panigale. Pair that with some wild styling and Vyrus’ trademark front end design and you have a futuristic motorcycle that looks somewhat like the Bimota Tesi H2.

The bike almost looks front-end heavy with the unique steering and suspension linkages and the large fairing. The styling is all full of sharp angles and dark gray panels and carbon fiber. It’s a bike that is sure to catch your eye. The bike also gets carbon fiber wheels, a unique tan seat, and a magnesium double omega design frame.

This is a weird bike, but it’s one that is tough to look away from. Personally, I find it totally over the top and silly looking, but I bet it rips pretty hard with that 205 Ducati engine in it. I also wonder how well that complicated front end setup is like and how it wears over time. The steering is a hydraulic system and seems to me to be overly complicated, but maybe it’s awesome.

For more info on Vyrus and the motorcycles it makes, you can check out the company’s website. Like its bike, the website is interesting to look at and packed with all kinds of goodies.

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