Kramer HKR-EVO2 Review

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By Troy Siahaan

Motorcycling is a niche activity, with sportbikes comprising a small niche within it. Track-only sportbikes make up such a miniscule niche within a niche within a niche that they’re almost not worth talking about. Until one so cool comes along that we’re forced to pay attention. The Kramer HKR-EVO2R is such a machine. This is its story.

In the lore of sportbike mythology, there’s one motorcycle not often spoken of, but always revered when brought up in conversation: the Ducati Supermono. An extremely rare machine, Wikipedia says only 67 units were built between 1993 and 1997. Adding to the rarity was the fact it housed a Single-cylinder engine (effectively the front cylinder of an 888 with a dummy connecting rod on the other side to help cancel out vibrations – again, thanks Wikipedia) with a desmodromic head, of course.

The mythical Ducati Supermono.

It was essentially a mini superbike of the time, equipped with top-shelf Öhlins suspension, Weber fuel injection, and carbon fiber everywhere. Power-to-weight was the name of the game, and those lucky few who got to ride – and win – on one only added to the bike’s mythological status. Before he was derided for designing the original Multistrada and 999 superbike, Pierre Terblanche penned the Supermono’s appearance. He designed plenty of other attractive motorcycles, too (Ducatis included), but nobody seems to remember those. Anyway, I digress.

Ever since, the thought of a lightweight, single-cylinder sportbike has appealed to many a garage tuner out there, with several examples of people yanking four-stroke dirtbike engines and stuffing them into sportbike chassis’ (old two-stroke roadracers come to mind) – or working the other way and converting 450cc motocrossers into suitable roadracers. For one reason or another, the idea never caught on en masse, despite heavy promoting from some corners of the moto world. Just …read more

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