Church of MO: Year 2000 Twins Comparo

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By John Burns

And so it is written: Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it. August in the high desert is normally high time for cursing the heat. Strangely, none of our intrepid testers so much as mentioned it, so excited were they to ride the Ducati 996 against the new Honda RC-51 and Aprilia Mille at Willow Springs 20 years ago. Forgive them, father, for the big jugs and porn star banter; in 2000 they knew not of “me-too.”


Year 2000 Twins Comparo

Big Jugs

By MO Staff Aug. 24, 2000
Los Angeles, April 24, 2000 — When you’re thinking “big jugs”, what leaps to mind? The word “big” is pretty clear, but the word “jugs,” however, conjures up images of, well, you get the drift. It’s hard not to love a good, large-displacement, twin-cylinder-powered motorcycle. Not what you had in mind? Then you need to check out our Babe Pictorials and leave the motorcycles to the rest of us. In the past, when mentioning “big jugs” and motorcycles in the same breath, only Ducatis leapt to mind. But now Honda and Aprilia have stepped to the plate with big twins of their own. Their new breed of dual-cylindered machines look poised to challenge the long-reigning king of the WSBK world, the Ducati 996.

In its first AMA Superbike race, under the guidance of Nicky Hayden, the RC-51 finished second at Daytona. Not too long after that it finished first in one leg of a WSBK race with Colin Edwards at the helm, on his way to a strong second overall. Last weekend the RC-51 (VTR1000-SP1 in Europe) finished first in Le Mans, the first time a twin won the prestigious endurance race. To say Honda is off to a great beginning is an understatement.

Aprilia has undergone …read more

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