Jawa Will Bring Bikes to Europe

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Expansion Continues

Jawa Motorcycles burst back onto the scene in 2018. Its resurgence was plagued by some issues, but it’s safe to say interest in the company is high. There’s a lot of promise with this company, and now it seems Jawa will bring its bikes to Europe. According to Indian Autos Blog and several other Indian outlets, Jawa has received homologation for the European market. The Jawa 300 will be the bike that lands in European showrooms first.

The company plans to ease into the European market as opposed to doing a full-on blitz like it did in India. The Mahindra-owned company is just one of the many European motorcycle companies owned by an Indian company now. Royal Enfield used to be European and Norton, until recently was British. Now it is owned by TVS. Jawa has sentimental and strategic reasons for taking its bikes to Europe. The interest in Jawa motorcycles is likely pretty high.

According to reports, the 300 from Jawa will come with no major modifications. The bike was homologated and is good to go. While Jawa has not officially said prices or availability for Europe, it’s clear that it will bring the bikes there. At this time, there’s no indication that Jawa will come to North America, but I would love to see that happen. The bikes are really cool, and I’m all for more bikes of this size in the U.S.

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