[Review] Volt Heat Fusion 12V-7V Dual Source Leather MC Heated Gloves

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By Bruce Cole


A big thank you is due to Chris at Volt Heat who supplied wBW with the 2XL Volt Heat Fusion 12V/7V Dual Source Leather Motorcycle Heated Gloves and subsequently, one of the first (new) Fusion Vests in XL with wireless Bluetooth interface and App (wBW review to follow).


Winter in this part of the world means white stuff to shovel, cold temperatures to endure, and little or no riding for a few months. This is (usually) followed by less white stuff but other precipitation and somewhat warmer temperatures; all interspersed with the odd warm balmy day to fool you into thinking that spring is near – hah!

But compared to what is happening on a global scale now this winter wasn’t really bad, although the odd warm balmy days (aka chinooks) that sometimes allow a bit of winter riding didn’t materialize this season – c’est la vie.

But as we head into spring, the receding winter weather is providing some self-isolating riding opportunities that allow the heated gear products to be utilized for riding rather than other applications (see above). It is a well-known fact among those of us who live in such climes that heated gear can be used for many activities – mounted or dismounted, protective or therapeutic oriented.

Suffering from cold is or can be both a painful experience and an unsafe one. Cold (and wet) riding environments contribute significantly to physical and mental degradation, with reflexes and situational awareness abilities all impacted. Keeping the body core warmed, along with circulation maintenance and/or heating of exposed extremities is critical.

After a long military career and decades of riding through thick and thin, warm, and cold, one learns, usually the hard way, but one must learn that there are options and solutions, like heated gear.

Being wired-in with a …read more

Source:: [Review] Volt Heat Fusion 12V-7V Dual Source Leather MC Heated Gloves


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