Church of MO: Y2K 250 Motocross Shootout!

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By John Burns

Since whenneth does MO do dirtbike shootouts? Heck, we barely review dirtbikes at all. Not sure who the “Staff” is that wrote this, but whoever it was must have been involved in some kind of ploy to borrow a bunch of new 250s for as long as possible, in the name of science; that the great photographer and Dirt Rider alumnus Mark Kariya shot the photos offers a clue. Those were the days my friend, when you mixed the oil in your gas, had no valves to adjust, and rode like the wind.

Y2K 250 Motocross Shootout

The Main Event!

By Staff Feb. 04, 2000
Photography by Mark Kariya
LOS ANGELES, February 4, 2000 — We’re not your girlfriend, so we’ll stop teasing you. By now you’ve read our 250 Motocross Teazer, got yourself a Wu-Name and decided that the dirtier side of life is a side you’d like to explore further. And why not?The MX 250s are among the best-selling bikes that each manufacturer offers and, while bred for moto-domination, they also make good play bikes and race-bikes in dirt events other than motocross. Ever heard of Enduros, GNCCs or Hare-Scrambles? At these events 250s are right at home with nothing more than a few aftermarket bolt-ons from your favorite supplier. Very few bikes offer this range of fun.

Here it is, then: Motorcycle Online’s 250 Motocross Shootout. We gathered the Honda CR250, Yamaha YZ250, Kawasaki KX250 and Suzuki RM250 together with five test riders ranging in skill from local pros right down to a 125-class intermediate rider who had never spent any significant time on a 250 before this test. We visited a number of tracks in Southern California and even managed to race a few times; results notwithstanding, everything came up roses.

<img title="Only one bike will lead the pack into the first turn …read more

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