[In-Depth] SENA Momentum EVO Review

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By Bruce Cole

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The Sena Momentum Gains Mesh…

After reviewing the Sena Momentum Pro last fall, based on that positive experience, I was hoping to have another Momentum helmet review opportunity…seeing as how the Sena Momentum EVO with Mesh had just been announced while completing the Momentum Pro review.

Fortuitously, while coordinating the provision of a Sena SRL 2 modular headset system for the 2020 Shoei J-Cruise II helmet review, the Sena rep asked if I would be interested in reviewing the (now available) Sena Momentum EVO (for EVOlution). You can guess what my answer was.

Sena is continually evolving, refining,and expanding the Momentum line of ‘smart helmets’ and virtually all of them have slightly different feature baselines. So, its no surprise that the newest offering features some significant changes over other models, including changes to the helmet itself and their integrated system or systems.

Where the Sena Momentum Pro has two integrated systems – the 20S-based Bluetooth headset and a QHD/FHD point of view camera, the Sena Momentum EVO delivers one integrated system – the headset.

But this headset is now based on the 30K architecture meaning the user gets all related features and capabilities including Mesh Intercom technology. The Sena Momentum Pro has a great price point as well, although only available …read more

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