[Review] Volt Heat Fusion 12V/7V Dual-Source Heated Vest

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By Bruce Cole


A big thank you to Chris at Volt Heat who provided the Fusion 12V/7V Dual Source Heated Vest for this review along with the (reviewed) Fusion 12V/7V Dual Source Leather Motorcycle Heated Gloves and a 12V Heated Jacket Liner with Therm Controller for a future review.


Compared to what is happening on a global scale now, the past winter months weren’t all that bad and as spring unfolds, I am thankful to be healthy and have the ability to work on the motorcycles in the garage, while squeezing in some short self-isolating riding.

Aiding all these activities is the new dual-source heated gear from Volt Heat. Whether working out in the garage, the yard, or out riding, this new heated gear is put to daily use in some way or another. Particularly the Fusion Heated Vest, the subject of this review, worn frequently to provide a warming, soothing, and therapeutic layer.

Suffering from cold is or can be both a painful experience and an unsafe one. Cold (and wet) riding environments contribute significantly to physical and mental degradation, with reflexes and situational awareness abilities all impacted. Keeping the body core warmed, along with circulation maintenance and/or heating of exposed extremities is critical.

And after decades of riding through thick and thin, wet and dry, warm and cold, one learns, usually the hard way, but one learns must learn that there are options and solutions, like heated gear.

Being wired in with a 12V connection is more than tolerable as long as a good controller is in the loop or a power distribution device, such as the Neutrino Black Box systems used on home fleet motorcycles – they provide PWM output on the circuits all managed thanks to a wireless BT and App interface (a review is pending on …read more

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