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By Wade Thiel

Staying Charged

Charging your phone most of the time is probably a bit of an afterthought. You plug it in at night and unplug it in the morning, or maybe you plug it in more often. At any rate, you likely use the charger your phone came with and you don’t think twice about it. But what do you do on the bike?

If you’re like me, for a long time, you just tried to always leave with a charged-up phone. However, we all know that there will come a time when you head out and your phone is on 10 percent or less. Not the best scenario, especially if you’re going to be on a longer ride.

The fact of the matter is that your phone is as much a safety device when you ride as it is a communications device when you’re not on the bike. If you get stranded, you’ll be able to get help. If you have an accident, you’ll hopefully be able to call for help. While nobody wants you actively using your phone while riding, I don’t think anyone will say it’s bad to have one charged up and ready to use while you’re out there.

If you need a way to charge your phone while you ride, and you shouldn’t use your standard phone charging cable. That’s what RidePower was created for.

What is the RidePower Charger?

The RidePower charger is a charger designed specifically for powersports applications. The founder of the company Steve Young created the charger for use on jet skis. It’s water-resistant and designed for delicate electronics like your smartphone.

It lets you connect your phone and use your GPS or other relevant apps while you ride without zapping all the battery power.

Steve reached out to me about the RidePower …read more

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