MO Tested: EarPeace Earplug Review

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By Evans Brasfield

For almost a quarter-century, I’ve been wearing earplugs while riding, and I’ve tried just about every kind of earplug out there. For about the past decade, I’ve used musician’s earplugs because they fit my funny-shaped left ear canal, and they don’t muffle sound – just lower its intensity. However, I’ve had to put up with some idiosyncrasies, like the slight protrusion from my ear. Imagine my interest when the folks from EarPeace approached me to review their product. On the surface, it appears to address my issues with musician’s earplugs while still playing to their strengths.

We’re accustomed to unboxing experiences with expensive products, but EarPeace has taken presentation to heart, too. The first thing you’ll notice when you look through the clear plastic package is that there are three earplugs. Yep, you can lose one without rendering the entire set useless. The next observation will be of the machined aluminum carrying case that, upon closer inspection, has a clip and dual storage chambers with screw-on caps. The top chamber has room for two plugs, and the bottom chamber gives you a choice. You can either store your spare plug or the extra noise-reducing filters.

EarPeace earplugs are constructed from super soft silicone with a removable filter (red circle) for regulating the sound attenuation.

The removable filters are EarPeace’s killer feature. The rider gets to decide what level of noise reduction they desire. The clear filters deliver a claimed SNR 17 / NRR 11 reduction, while the red and black filters give SNR 20 / NRR 14 and SNR 26 / NRR 19, respectively. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is probably the standard with which readers are most familiar, though, with higher numbers representing more sound attenuation. (For sake of comparison, the box of Hearos foam earplugs I keep in …read more

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