My Prediction for 2020’s Motorcycle of the Year

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By Wade Thiel

What Is the Best New Bike?

Looking over the long list of new or updated motorcycles for 2020, I have to say that there are some truly killer machines out there this year. There are far more new or updated models than I originally thought, and there are standouts in each segment of the motorcycle market.

With that said, there will inevitably be ones that rise to the top and likely one that stands out far more than any other motorcycles made new this year. I wanted to take a moment to really do a deeper look at the new, most-notable models and then make a prediction as to what will be the motorcycle of the year—or the standout model.

It’s proved harder than I expected, and after pouring over the information on these bikes, I think I have my answer. Before I discuss the bike I’ve selected, however, I wanted to go through my thought process and show you just how I’ve landed at my decision. Let’s take a closer look at the new motorcycles for 2020.

The Most Notable New Motorcycles in 2020

Across every segment of the market, there are new bikes. New sportbikes, cruisers, adventure motorcycles, dual-sport machines, naked bikes, and even new scooters (which I haven’t included because there aren’t really any amazing new standouts that have a chance of winning). Here’s a look at the most notable models in each category.


The cruiser market might not seem like the hottest bike category right now, but it’s still a huge market. According to Statistica, Harley-Davidson sold 125,960 motorcycles in the U.S. alone. If you take into account all of the cruisers sold in the segment from other manufacturers and around the world, you have a very large number of bikes.

Because this segment is so important, there …read more

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