Church of MO: Honda Valkyrie Interstate V. Yamaha Venture

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By John Burns

And in those days we made mix tapes for our loved ones, to be plugged into the cassette decks of our touring bikes when we weren’t communing with the truckers on channel 19 on the CB radio, and Honda and Yamaha’s Star Motorcycles thought they would Venture into the heavy touring cruiser market… Yamaha’s liquid-cooled 1294cc V-four flagship begat its current 1854 cc V-twin. Honda’s 1500 boxer-six evolved into the current GoldWing, replete with 1833 of latest-tech tech… and if you haven’t had the chance to eat a couple hundred miles in a single bite on either one, don’t be too bummed, as you are on track to inherit the earth.


Honda Valkyrie Interstate V. Yamaha Venture

Clash of The Titans

By Staff Feb. 15, 2000
Los Angeles, February 15, 2000 — The Honda Valkyrie Interstate and the Yamaha Royal Star Venture are recent entries into the “Chrome Tourer” niche that, until recently, Japanese manufacturers ceded to Harley-Davidson. Both motorcycles are big and fat and replete with chrome, certainly on the hoggish side of the scale, but in many ways decidedly un-hoggish.They are elemental in design yet they don’t cut corners when it comes to amenities like full-range audio. The Valkyrie and the Venture pack plenty of motor, particularly the Interstate.Even better, both of these bikes take you down the long and winding road in comfort and style.

We felt that the Yamaha Venture possessed a better integrated design. In some ways, it seems almost as though Honda rushed the Interstate to market to counter the Venture. For example, except for the top case, the Valkyrie’s bag system was awkward to access while the Venture’s was easy to use. The Interstate’s CB/Audio system offered a lot of functionality, but it gave us flashbacks of Windows NT — overdesigned and complex to operate. Even …read more

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